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Like said below, the voice acting itself isn't bad, but it's the audio track as a whole thats poorly done. The levels music thematic sound is hollow and could use some TLC / Tweaking.


I miss the days when you could walk into the place and it was a legit paradise for gamers.

Fuck I remember buying my SNES games there.

Short but so true

I gave 8 stars for FACT. Internet Explorer is a pile of steaming shit. I've never had problems with coding html, php, css with proper displaying on Chome, Firefox, or Opera. Every time IE comes into play, shit is just awful.

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A legit review perhaps?

In all honesty, it's not a bad game. The control scheme is kind of poor, and making the levels so small and fixed does your game no justice. Aside from the fact that you're pushing a game about saving cats, on Newgrounds, you don't make the object anything worth obtaining. As much as this game is clean and mildly eye pleasing, you forgot the most important part of the game, your target audience.

Over head car physics do not = win.

I'm surprised this had achievements and front-paged. It's a generic flash game, where the upgrades don't really stand out from the previous ones, there's little challenge, and every race you earn the same amount. What's up with that? Oh and the physics behind driving, especially driving backwards made me laugh, and not in a good way. I immediately closed out the window after witnessing how botched the physics really were.

It wasn't very enjoyable beyond 5 minutes of playing.

Alas, this is all opinion. Base your own opinion by playing the game for yourself.

I dont mind Ads

But the fact I had an ad interrupt my mid-game playing experience means to me you're nothing more than a sellout.

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Definitely out of the ordinary for a dnb track, but heck it's still in the general constrictions, but labeling aside the track sounds dope. Bassline is very tight man, well done.

DESHIEL responds:

Thanks man. I liked your entry too ;)

Yep. It's been said, the Piano does it. I hear a little bit of distortion going on here, maybe tone some of the levels down a bit and take it from there. Anyways not bad at all

A tad bit quiet, might be worth trying to fiddle with a bit of mixing on the master out to get the levels up a bit and a crisper overall sound.

Notation is spot on though, obviously you're standing apart in the contest, but I wish you the best of luck because you're doing something fairly different from everyone else.

Also this reminds me of the track my partner submitted for the World Music Contest last year, and he friggin beat the hell outta my score simply because his notation sounded spot on for the region he was representing, mixing and mastering aside. Props mate.

Iviqrr responds:

Thanks dude, I only have about 2 - 3 months of experience in writing stuff and I'm dead after finishing a song so I forget to edit the master levels.

Good luck with your contest entry and thanks for the review :)

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You're both stupid, there's 3 people he's fighting against, so the proper figure is 3. Jesus fucking christ what do they teach you kids with in school these days... Arithmetic for the Shit-for-Brains Vol. # Derp?

If it came out of illustrator

How come it is in .jpg bitmap format when it should clearly be vector .png format?

FoggyD responds:

I save everything as a jpg. I've been told that .png is higher quality, so I might switch over to that. Thanks :)

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